The Comprehensive Rehabilitation of the Tilingo Theater, heritage of the children of Caracas.

Headquarter of the “Tilingo Theater”. Architecture by the National Prize of Architecture 1976, Carlos Pérez de Llarena.
Auditorium of the “Tilingo Theater” (180 seats).
“Arístides Rojas Park”, where the “Tilingo Theater” is located.
Works produced by the “Tilingo Theater”.
Logo of the “Tilingo Theater”.
Note the character Simón Bolívar, Venezuela Liberator.
Children playground constructed by “PDVSA La Estancia”in the surroundings of the “Tilingo Theater”.
The “Tilingo Theater” is presented in the poor neighbourhoods of Caracas.
Note the specific props for each piece of work.
Informative signage of the rehabilitation works of the “Tilingo Theater”.
Rehearsal room of the “Tilingo Theater”.
Note the children mural.
The itinerant “Tilingo Theater”.
Large and imposing room of the theater.
Pieces of props of the “Tilingo Theater”.
The originality of the work “Rosita, the girl who wanted to know Venezuela”, lies, among others, in the sample of painting from the different regions of the country.
Piece of work: “Let`s go to the little square of Bolívar, and take me by the hand to know the deed and the ideology of the Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Panamá, Bolivia.
Piece of work: “Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit”.
“Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit” itinerant.



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Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Abog. SummaCumLaude. Doct. en Dcho. Prof. UCAB-UCV. NYU Cities and Urban Development. Pdte PDVSALaEstancia 8 años: arte y espacio público, social, cultural.