LA “CASA PRIMAVERA”: The “Art Deco” and its influence on the constructions of Caracas at the beginning of the last century.

“Casa Primavera” rehabilitated by PDVSA La Estancia during Beatrizce Sansó’s administration, 2013.

The “Spring Pavilion,” then generated the emergence of its own, unpublished and unique style: the so-called “art-deco”, which was intended to impose itself as an innovative trend and different from everything that had previously existed.

“Casa Primavera”, rehabilitated by PDVSA La Estancia during the administration of BEATRICE SANSÓ, 2013
Before Rehabilitation — “Casa Primavera”

This is how, in 2012, we had the opportunity from PDVSA La Estancia, cultural management entity of the Venezuelan oil company, which I had the privilege of founding and presiding, to promote that it was destined to a cultural center of international character, destined to the dissemination of Venezuelan culture, in the style of the “French Alliance”, the “Instituto Cervantes de España” or the “Istituto della Cultura Italiana”, among others, in order to encourage, as we always did, the public use and social inclusion of heritage assets. To do this, its original housing function had to be modified, through important reinforcement works.

Plans — “Casa Primavera”
During “Casa Primavera “Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation process of “Casa Prmavera”
Art Deco Drawings and Materials, “Casa Primavera”, 2013



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Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Abog. SummaCumLaude. Doct. en Dcho. Prof. UCAB-UCV. NYU Cities and Urban Development. Pdte PDVSALaEstancia 8 años: arte y espacio público, social, cultural.