Beatrice Sansó explaining the project of the “Urban Forest La Alquitrana”.
PDVSA La Estancia: 10 years inspiring the possible
PDVSA La Estancia with children from the school of low income areas.
PDVSA La Estancia. Headquarter. Caracas
PDVSA La Estancia. The stay in Paraguaná.
PDVSA La Estancia in the city of Maracaibo
Public Art at PDVSA La Estancia
Community Children in a tour in PDVSA La Estancia Caracas
One of our children playgrounds built in the open area of a very important and centric hospital of Caracas (“Magallanes de Catia”).
Beatrice Sansó at an activity at one of the “Parque La Alquitrana” in order to guarantee the right of children to play.
Children playground located in an open green area of Caracas.
Air view of one of our children playgrounds built in the very low income areas called with a patriotic date “January 23”.
PDVSA La Estancia delivered recreational areas to Maracaibo, San Francisco and Cabimas
Recreational areas in the “Boulevard Sabana Grande”
Art intervention and incorporation of a children playground in the shelters for homeless people.
Children playground in the low income area of “Antímano”, Caracas.
Opening of “La Alquitrana” on Coche Island — Margarita
PDVSA La Estancia handed over 23 “La Alquitrana Playgrounds” in Greater Caracas
Children playgrounds and activities in the “Boulevard Sabana Grande”



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Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Beatrice Sansó de Ramírez

Abog. SummaCumLaude. Doct. en Dcho. Prof. UCAB-UCV. NYU Cities and Urban Development. Pdte PDVSALaEstancia 8 años: arte y espacio público, social, cultural.